Living in a MicroGalaxy

I recently found this old skit that my brother Sam and I recorded years ago for a school project. It’s a futuristic satire at the expense of the technology giant Microsoft. Worth a laugh, but also a good example of what could be a very successful Podcast concept. Social media marketing is taking the web by storm, and businesses looking for innovative ways of cashing in on the social craze may find Podcasting an avenue well worth exploring.

Listen to the Clip

*Based on the original comic If Microsoft Made Everything by Dick DeBartolo, and audio clip kindly made available by Sam Lander.

3 thoughts on “Living in a MicroGalaxy

  1. Eva says:

    Haha love it! I will definitely listen to more episodes. Where is the actual podcast?

    1. Maeve says:

      Hi Eva, glad you enjoyed it. There isn’t actually a real podcast sorry! This was a one-off fictional audio clip recorded for a project. But I did always think it would make a great on-going podcast. With a regular following from ‘tech’ audiences, something like this would be attractive to sponsors as highly targeted advertising space – perfect for promoting IT products or services. Maybe one day!

  2. jneol says:

    This is so true. Microsoft ruin everything. Thanks for sharing.

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