Google Trends

Today’s post is all about Google Trends – the latest application in Google’s ever-growing arsenal of search tools for developers. Basically it’s a new and improved version of Google Insights for Search  – a keyword analysis engine.

Comprehensive keyword analysis

Google Trends is a complete package to analyse search terms. Results generated are shown as a graphical representation with time on the horizontal axis and frequency of search on vertical axis. Time line begins from 2004 and results are based on global searches. See an example.

In addition to displaying popularity of search terms relative to time, the feature also shows search frequency based on region, language and city. So, you can refine keyword analysis based on these parameters.

Google Hot Trends

Google Hot Trends is a part of Google Trends. This feature gives you the list of top 20 most searched terms in the past one hour. Results are based on searches in United States. Users can also find out the number of searches that ran for the top 20 keywords in the past 24 hours.

Uses for website developers and owners

So as a website owner or developer, how can Google Trends help you? Well essentially it is a powerful tool for SEO. You can use Google Trends to collect and analyse data then web marketers can incorporate latest search terms and increase search engine indexing. Study the graphs for relevant search terms, and you can see how popularity of keywords fluctuates with respect to time and geography. Having this trend data at your fingertips can help you tweak your SEO campaign and get your website ranking higher for the search terms your customers are choosing.

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