Custom Google Analytics Reports

Most clients really love to see a regular Google Analytics report showing web stats for their site. To make things as simple as possible, I recommend creating a custom dashboard that shows all the key info most people like to see about their website.

  • Total Visits
  • Total Page Views
  • Average Time On Page
  • Organic Searches by Keyword
  • Visits by Traffic Type (Organic, Direct, Referral, Social etc)
  • New vs Returning Visitors
  • Visits by Source
  • Visits by City
  • Most Viewed Pages
  • Device Usage (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Browser Usage

After creating the custom dashboard in Google analytics, we can now email this report to our clients daily, weekly or monthly in a nice PDF.

If you’d like to send your clients a nice simple PDF feel free to grab a copy of my template – get logged in to your Google Analytics Account then use this link to download our simple dashboard report template:

 Download my custom Google Analytics Report template

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