Why We Design WordPress Custom Themes for Our Clients

WordPress is a massive ecosystem where web developers have made tonnes of free and premium themes available for download (eg Themeforest). However, while there are different types of WordPress themes out there, we at Enigma Digital specialise in designing beautiful WordPress custom themes for our clients. Here are a few reasons why we choose to design WordPress custom themes, rather than install free or premium themes, for those of our clients who have asked us to build professional websites.

WordPress Custom Themes Have a Unique Design

Chances are that you’ll want to establish a unique internet presence for your brand if you market your company online. While free and premium themes can be customised to suit your needs, WordPress custom themes are designed from scratch to exclusively suit you. We have a passionate team of experienced WordPress developers, user interface designers, and graphic designers that will not only make your dream website a reality, but will also make it unique in the eyes of your customers (whereas many WordPress websites based on free and premium themes look similar to each other even after they are customised).

You Can Become Involved in the Production Process

Another reason why we design WordPress custom themes is because it allows you to become more involved in the production process. Since we design WordPress custom themes from the ground up, you’ll be involved in all stages of the production process, which will allow you to retain more creative input and control than if we installed free or premium themes for you.

WordPress Custom Themes Have Bloat-Free Code

As professional WordPress developers, we specialise in building responsive websites with only the core functionality elements that you’ll need. Our WordPress custom themes are designed with lightweight, bloat-free code to ensure that your website will run smoother than most websites that have free or premium themes (because their code is usually designed to suit a range of people).

Simplified WordPress Admin Dashboard

In designing WordPress custom themes, we make sure to only include the elements that you’ll need for your admin dashboard. WordPress can seem overwhelming enough to learn without have to wade through unnecessary elements, so we’ll simplify it for you.

WordPress Custom Themes Allow Us to Support You More

It’s easier for us to support you if you use one of our WordPress custom themes, rather than a free or premium theme made by somebody else, because we’ll be more familiar with the WordPress custom theme’s design and code. If you have any questions, make sure to head over to our contact page.

Do you have a question about our WordPress custom themes? Or do you want to check out our portfolio of WordPress custom themes? Make sure you leave us a comment below!

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