WHMCS Project Management Addon Review

Project management systems come in all shapes and sizes, and testing them all to find the right fit can be a pretty time consuming business. So for all you fellow designers, developers and creative professionals tearing your hair out, this review’s for you!

What is WHMCS

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. It’s extremely popular especially for Web Hosting business’ and related service providers such as web design and development firms. Earlier this year WHMCS launched a new Project Management Addon for the system, and here at Enigma we thought it was time to give it a trial run.

Project Management Addon

This addon connects all your firms admin tools and tasks under one single interface. It syncs in neatly with WHMCS’ main functionality of client management and billing, and integrates particularly well with the support ticket system. Certainly for our firm it’s a real time saver to just have everything in the one place!

In comparison to other commercial project management solutions, I’d say this addon is pretty light weight. It’s not nearly so fully featured as some of the other commercial solutions around. That might sound like a downside to some, but I actually personally think this simplicity counts as a plus. The addon isn’t bulked up with hundreds of features, but the features it does have work really well.  They’ve been smart with what’s included – project & task scheduling, internal staff discussion & file sharing, and time tracking – for a small firm, I think these core features are right on the knocker.

Our Conclusion

A great addition to an already excellent administrative tool. It’s simple and intuitive to use, and performs basic project management tasks as advertised. In my opinion, it’s probably best suited for small firms and individuals, as it does not have the complexity and scope of a fully fledged project management system that larger companies would likely require. If you’re a small firm or freelancer this addon is worth considering, particularly if you already use WHMCS.

For more information check out the official WHMCS website here.

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