Tickera Review

Tickera is a simple event ticketing system which you can use on your WordPress site.  It takes the form of a WordPress plugin, with partner iPhone app.  You can use Tickera to sell tickets to any event directly on your own website with payments processed via Credit Card or PayPal. Tickets with the QR code are sent to buyer via e-mail immediately upon completion of checkout. The really cool part is that then at the event itself you check in customers using the companion iPhone app, with all the data being sent back to Tickera plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Best Features

  • Be completely self reliant – selling tickets directly on your own website is great because it puts you in total control of the ticketing process.
  • Enjoy 0% commissions! This is definitely a biggy…. it makes Tickera a really attractive option over other 3rd party ticketing solutions.
  • Tickets are generated in printable form and automatically emailed to customer – it’s a really smooth process making life easy.
  • Check in with iPhone. This is a brainwave. It makes the Tickera system really cool, and is practical because it allows your door staff to easily ‘zap’ people in with no mucking about at the door.
  • Analytics. Tickera keeps track of the stats so you can see who’s bought tickets, who attended, and so on. All useful data for planning future events.
  • Easy to use. In some ways this is Tickera’s very best feature – it’s super easy to install and use.

In a nutshell, Tickera is an exciting new product which uses some very innovative methods to put you in control of the Ticketing process. If you run a WordPress site and want to implement a booking/ticketing system then Tickera is certainly worth checking out! Get in touch with us at Enigma to find out more or to get help with installing Tickera on your site.

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