Simple website in 2 hours on a $400 budget! Sela theme + custom colour

Today I was asked to whip up a simple website with a budget of $400, and only a few hours to do it.  Here’s the result:


The site uses the free Sela theme from which I chose because it’s free, it’s minimalist (making it simple & quick to customise), it’s clean and professional (which suits the client’s style) and the code looks great (always a plus!).

The only customisation I made was the color scheme, changing it from peach, to a nice shade of teal. Here’s the CSS I used – feel free to use this for your own project:

Obviously you can replace the color codes with your own choice of color.

Add this CSS in the form of a child theme, or use Simple Custom CSS plugin. Too easy!

I was really impressed with the theme. Obviously one could pimp it out a heap more than this and utilise the widgets, page template and other features the theme provides. But in it’s simplest state, I feel Sela theme is a great choice for a professional business website with a breezy style …especially if you’re on a small budget and tight time frame! Recommended.

2 thoughts on “Simple website in 2 hours on a $400 budget! Sela theme + custom colour

  1. Kati says:

    Your CSS – is it still there? It doesn’t show up for me.

    1. Maeve says:

      Yes, looks like it’s still there.

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