New Plugin: No Markup Please

Occasionally it’s nice to build something for yourself.  Introducing No Markup Please  The plugin is built to fix an annoyance I have right here on my own blog – quite simply, to limit the amount of code visitors can post in blog comments.

This post is a perfect example – the article is all about code, so naturally some visitors have questions that may require them to post a block of code of their own. The problem is that when you post a large block of markup in WordPress comments, it looks pretty terrible! It can take up a lot of space, and the comment thread gets all messy and hard to read for other visitors.   With No Markup Please plugin activated, comment submissions are checked for delimiters and if there are too many (signifying a large code block) a nice friendly error message is triggered instructing the user to try Pastebin intead (which is a nicer way to share bits of code.)

No Markup Please is available free on here

Check it out, let me know what you think!  You could also give it a try by posting a large block of code in the comment reply box on this post.

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