New plugin: Sticky Side Buttons

Today I published my 16th free WordPress plugin, Sticky Side Buttons.  The plugin is simple and functional, allowing you to create one or more floating buttons that stick to the side of your site as the user scrolls.

Use it for sticking information like phone number, email address, social icons, store locations etc.

Why Sticky Side Buttons?

The functionality was being requested time and time again by clients.  And that makes sense.  Conversion oriented design is a focus for us here. One of the first questions I ask when designing a custom website is, “What do you want your users to DO next? Call you? Email you? Go to your online shop? Visit your physical store? Something else?”  Once the client has answered that they tend to get pretty enthusiastic and naturally the next question becomes, “how do we achieve that?”   Sticky side buttons are a great way to include prominent call to action buttons, links or information (like phone number) that tell the user what to DO next. The fact that they stick to the side on scroll is a real attraction given the rise in long pages and websites that stack and scroll.  All in all, I got sick of building the same button functionality again and again, and thought, you know what… let’s make a plugin for that!

Get the plugin free at here


Click here for out-of-the-box demo. You can see the buttons to the right of the screen, in ‘slide’ mode.


Below are some screenshots of the plugin in use on various sites, plus one of the back end button creator/admin.

12 thoughts on “New plugin: Sticky Side Buttons

  1. eric retra says:

    Hi Guys,

    We have implemented your sticky side button on our web site… looks great !!!

    However, when you click on the button the only option we have is that it takes you to the URL that is specified (Which works just as expected).

    Question… Is there any way that when we click the sticky side button that we can open an IFrame instead of a URL so that we can open on the same web page without having to open up a separate web page ??


  2. Samaresh says:


    Can I use this button to popup a Contact form 7 or similar?

    Kindly suggest !!

    1. Maeve says:

      Yes, you can link a button to anything you like so simply link it to your page with the form, or the action which triggers the form popup.

  3. Alexandre says:

    Hello Maeve,

    This is a great plugin.

    I searched for a long time to find a plugin that could do just that. The only competition in Buttonizer, and it is not that great. However, I could not use sticky side button since I need it on a single page, and there is no option for that. Had you plan on upgrading this plugin to implement this functionality?

    Best regards,

    1. Maeve says:

      That functionality would be totally possible to add. I would consider adding it if there is significant interest for the feature. Please feel free to log it as a request on the plugin’s GitHub repo, which will be the best place for tracking feature requests and gathering interest. . Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

  4. Jason says:

    on your sticky side button, can you turn the button vertical?

    1. Maeve says:

      Sorry Jason, that’s not a feature of the plugin – you’d have to modify the css and structure a little to achieve that.

  5. Hello Maeve,

    I like this plugin.

    I am implementing it on my website.
    I would like to take a doubt, in the demo site, I notice that the icons are a little bigger and another detail, it is possible to choose fonts, how would you do that?

    Thank you


    1. Maeve says:

      The plugin uses Font Awesome for the icons, and then inherits the font used by your theme. If you wanted to tweak the styles you could do so using CSS. More info here. And here’s example css to enlarge the font size.

      #ssb-container ul li p {
      font-size: 30px;

  6. ClickBee says:

    I’m looking for a small side button that’s floating on the left of the screen. this button will be used for the FAQ link. any inputs will be appreciated. thanks<3

  7. Hello Maeve,

    This is a great plugin.
    I am implementing it on my website. i wanna add whatsapp icon which is not available in this plugin, so any alternate solution for that.
    Thank you
    Sheeraz Ali

  8. Sim says:

    Hi, Thank you for creating this awesome simple and free plugin for social icons. It works great on the website. The only downsize is that it doesn’t appear correctly on the mobile version. It appears at the bottom of the page and only 2 icons are visible. Any idea how I can fix for the mobile version please.
    Thank you

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