HTML5 jQuery Audio Player Plugin for WordPress

We’ve been hard at work here, developing a new trendy audio player plugin for WordPress.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player lets you add a single audio track or a full playlist to your WordPress site using shortcode. You can customise the colours of the player, and also display ratings, album cover art, and buy/download link if needed. This music player is different from other plugins because it works on all major browsers, both PC and Mac, and on mobile devices including iPhone/iPad. Plus it looks really cool!

Key Features

  • Supports mp3 and ogg file formats
  • Attractive design with customisable colours
  • HTML5 based player with Flash backup
  • Works in all major browsers – IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • Works on mobile devices including iPhone/iPad
  • Can enable Buy or Download tracks button
  • Add the player to any post/page using shortcode [hmp_player]

Plugin Demo  |  Download Plugin



  1. Upload the html5-jquery-audio folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the HTML5 jQuery Audio Player plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the `HTML5 Audio Player` menu that appears in your admin menu
  4. Add the player to any post/page using shortcode [hmp_player]


If you’re having issues with the plugin and have tried all the obvious stuff please check the FAQs here, and use the Support Forum to request help.


This is a WordPress version of the player created by Saleem over at Codebase Hero, with thanks also to Orman Clark for the original PSD.

Oh and here’s what it looks like in action

6 thoughts on “HTML5 jQuery Audio Player Plugin for WordPress

  1. Rob Foster says:

    I am very interested in this plugin, iam am assuming its in its very early stages as there is no support forum when i click the link, is it possible to have multiple playlists across one site? and also is it possible to have just mp3 format rather than having to have mp3 and ogg?

    1. Maeve says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for your comment. Yep, this is a prototype version 1 of the plugin. We’re ironing out a few kinks and are in the process of submitting it to the official WordPress repository where it can be properly supported via the forums and by us – will post an update here once that happens.

      At this stage you have to have both the mp3 and ogg files. This is important so that it works for across all browsers, devices and platforms… If you just have mp3s and you need to convert to ogg I’d recommend Goldwave

      And sorry, no at this stage you can just add 1 instance of the player to your site. If this feature is requested a lot we’ll certainly look at adding the functionality for multiple players.

  2. Maeve says:

    Just a quick update – the plugin is now in the official WordPress repository here.

  3. Doles says:

    I’m gonna use it for my band page base on WordPress. I find this plugin very usable and cool but it lacks of multiplaylist feature. I have a few pages about different albums and i can use only 1 instance of that plugin which is pointless in my situation. Looking forward for that feature and I’d be super-happy 🙂

  4. Kevin says:

    If I am using the divi theme, where do I place the code? Trying to add the audio player to home page. Any help greatly appreciated thanks 🙂

    1. Maeve says:

      You can place the shortcode into the page editor wherever you want the player to display

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