How to play vinyl over bluetooth speakers

Have you ever wanted to play your vinyl records over a wireless bluetooth speaker? I have a high quality Bose sound system at home – it has excellent sound, plus is completely wireless. So it really bugged me to add a bunch of wires, or potentially even a separate amp + speakers just for the rare occasions when I want to play vinyl. I decided to investigate.

It turned out to be quite easy. It just took the right gadget – this bluetooth transmitter made by Digitech.  The device was reasonably priced, and pretty much plug ‘n’ play. I simply connected it to my turntable (via pre-amp, in my case) and powered ON. It promptly paired itself to my bluetooth speakers, and voila!

  1. Turntable
  2. Pre-amp (Digitech, available here)
  3. Bluetooth transmitter (Digitech, available here)
  4. RCA cable connecting the turntable to the pre-amp
  5. RCA to 3.5mm Aux cable connecting the pre-amp to the bluetooth transmitter

More modern (or more fancy) turntables often have the pre-amp built in, in which case you would connect the turntable directly to the transmitter via the output jack.

The result sounds very satisfactory, to my ears. I imagine some audiophiles may have concerns that transmitting over bluetooth could reduce the sound quality of vinyl. For those interested in such debates, there is an excellent article and discussion thread on this post by Behzad Haki.

So if you’re looking to connect your record player to bluetooth speakers, good news – it’s possible!

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