What makes a Winning App?

We get asked all the time for information and tips on how to create a great app. So here’s the skinny – just a few key tips to work out if your app idea is a winner or not.

  • People don’t want an app that does 100 things, or even 5 things…. users want an app to do just 1 simple thing, really really well. This is absolutely core to the app platform.
  • Interactivity – the most effective and successful apps are highly interactive, they’re tools for doing something, or a game, not just static content delivered in disguise. Sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t seem to understand that interactivity is what sets this platform apart from other mediums.
  • Commercial viabilityhow will your app make money. The sale price? In-app purchases? In-app advertising (eg iAds)? Licensing the framework (eg Magento)? Value-adding to an existing business (eg ANZGoMoney)? The most successful apps do all of the above. Again, you might think it’s obvious most people seem to think that having a ‘good’ idea (as in, an app that seems like users would like it and find it useful) is enough to turn a profit. It’s not. You need to actively plan how to make it pay off.
  • Professional interface design. It’s gotta be clean, professional, and user-friendly. Kind of think this point goes without saying, but it’s worth emphasising. Your app has to look, feel and function professionally. The way to do it? Hire a professional UI designer to work your interface.
  • Marketing – the most successful apps have active marketing campaigns. Factor in a marketing budget (at least 20% of your total budget) and actively market your app both pre and post launch.

Questions? Ideas? Comments? Anyone out there got some more tips for what makes a successful app?

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